How old were you and how did you come to be diagnosed?

I was 50 years old when I was diagnosed, after a visit to my GP followed by an appointment with a consultant at KGH, as I had felt a lump in my right breast, which turned out to be a cyst. However, after an ultrasound scan, cancer cells measuring 3cm were detected close to my ribs.

What would be your one piece of advice for others starting this journey?

My advice to others starting on this journey is to talk and not hide your feelings. I was lucky that my husband and two children wanted to be involved so they could support me and each other over the following 18 months.

What type of surgery did you have? What were your first thoughts?

My first operation was a ‘shave’ which was to remove the remaining tumour that had been shrunk by chemotherapy. I was optimistic that all remaining malignant cells had been removed.

What is the best thing to come out of diagnosis?

The best thing was meeting and becoming friends with ladies who are going through the same mental anguish as me.

Who or what couldn’t you do without during treatment?

My mum who has also had breast cancer when she was 38 years old. She was with me from day one, every day coming to be with me, taking me to appointments and on the good days taking me shopping, for walks in the park, or just chilling.

Mint sauce as my taste buds had completely gone and I couldn’t taste my food. I applied it to everything I ate to give it some flavour.

Describe yourself in three words.

I’m friendly and fun and also have had to be strong all my life.

Biggest achievement to date?

Surviving cancer.

Craziest thing you have done since treatment?

Appearing on Radio Northampton.

Share an unusual fact about yourself.

Through my job, I’ve met many royals and celebrities. I’ve also appeared on Spanish TV.